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Prime 50+

Prime exists to involve seniors over 50 in developing and nurturing friendships through social activities, as well as supporting other ministries in our church.

Prime identifies new people of any age and extends a genuine welcome and friendship to them.  Prime also enjoy, appreciate, and learn from a wide range of interesting discussions that arise out of their social activities such as picnics, special events, and luncheons at various locations.

We embrace the opportunity to utilise our gifts and talents by offering an opportunity to serve and reach out to society, through community ministries such as SRE, CAP and CityServe.  Prime also help to meet needs within our church, blessing and encouraging people in situations including celebrations, health challenges, bereavement, family needs, working bees, etc.

Through the diversity of their gifts, skills and wide range of life experiences, the Prime ministry, is able to involve other seniors in church life.  Their wisdom, resources, willingness and availability to meet the needs of our community illustrates to the world the message of the gospel of Jesus.  God is calling this generation to live, love and serve like never before.

For more information phone the church office or contact Bob and Karen Sharp on 0432 362 770.